TOD XL for Business

The on-demand economy has arrived. For business that means you need it now, or
success can quickly pass you up. At Trucks on Demand, we understand the importance
of staying ahead of the competition. Our on-demand pickup and delivery services are
designed to help you meet today’s business demands. Get in the fast lane to success

 Customized solutions to help move goods, increase sales, and your bottom line.
 Services that meet your individual business needs.
 Reduced downtime.
 Direct product delivery for you and your clients.
 Seamless, behind-the-scenes delivery service to your customers
 Same-day delivery, most pickups in 30 min.

We’re always ready to work

TOD XL provides on-demand delivery through our network of TOD XL drivers and their
pickup trucks. As soon as you order the service, we are on our way. In most cases, we
can be at the location you request within an hour to help with:
Office Services – Expanding from that teeny office space? Downscaling? Adding new
furniture or equipment for your growing staff? We can pick up and deliver equipment or
office furniture while you focus on more important things.

Business Services – Need inventory picked up and delivered from your warehouse, a
store, or a service provider? We help hundreds of businesses get their items where they
need to be on time.

Branded delivery – Sometimes you just have more orders than your delivery staff can
handle. TOD Agents are ready to help out. We will effortlessly deliver purchases to your
clients with great care. TOD Agents deliver for:

 Retailers
 Garden centers
 Corporate and branch offices
 Print shops
 Event planners
 Interior designers
 Landscapers
 Architectural firms
 Real estate services
 Construction firms

Get more mileage – Additional services are available. We can help with assembling
and arranging many in-house items.  We can also assist with organizing storage or
warehouse items.   Call TOD to assist with moving items across the room or across

Customer services – Today’s customers want to purchase products with same day
delivery. If you cannot deliver, they may do business elsewhere. With one call, you can
order a TOD XL.  Our TOD Agents will pick up and drop off products to assist with your
customer delivery.

Pick up a little added value – It is those little extras that build client loyalty and
improve customer experience—and that means more business. Providing your
customers with the added convenience of our on-demand TOD XL is a great way to
build customer loyalty.

Give your clients a little pick up – A TOD XL gift certificate is a fantastic way to say
thank you. It is a small cost with a big reward for your bottom line.
TOD Agents go the extra mile – Our teams are reliable and our additional services are
reasonable. When you order your TOD XL, feel protected knowing that our TOD Agents
will take extra care to secure items and handle everything with great care.

TOD Agents are secured for safety – Our teams are analyzed for your well-being.
 We have a demanding and aggressive background check of every applicant.
 Our drivers maintain insurance to state requirements on their pickup trucks.
 Your goods are insured for $20,000 on each delivery.
 TOD XL maintains $1M in additional insurance.
 Your items are handled with respect and care.

TOD XL for Big Box Stores

The retail market gets more competitive every day. It is no longer enough to offer the
best price, your customers also demand the best value and experience. At Trucks on
Demand we understand the importance of staying ahead of the competition. Our on-
demand pickup and drop off services provide that extra edge in giving customers what
they want, when they want it.Whether it’s keeping plenty of inventory on your floor or

getting it from the floor to your customer, our TOD Agents are standing by, ready to

help kick your sales into high gear through:

 On demand delivery service can increase top line sales 8-10%.
 Increase turns on large sized/high priced items.
 On time Delivery of products to your customers.
 Same-day delivery, with most pickups in one hour.
We have plenty of materials on hand to help communicate the service availability to
your customers. Contact us at  and we will get you a supply of
window clings, point-of-purchase materials, and TOD XL business cards. Everything
you need to provide your customers with on-demand delivery.